Friday, January 4, 2008

Addie and Matthew Stone

Addie and Matt were tagged by Sophie/Amy to come up with eight things about themselves. These two children are so full of life that it is very hard to narrow it down to eight-but here's our best shot.

Addie Mae-5 years old

1. I love arts and crafts. One of my favorite things to do is draw and color with my daddy.
2. I love donuts, hot chocolate, roasting marshmallows, chips and cheese dip, and any kind of fruit. I am not a picky eater at all...but one thing I don't like is pizza. If I could choose where we would eat, I would choose Krystal, Chik-Fil-A, McDonalds, Zaxby's, or "the chinese place". (p/s-My mom and dad don't let me choose too much!)
3. I love all animals and I wish so badly that my mommy and daddy would get me one....specifically, a puppy.
4. I like to swim, tumble/gymnastics, and play on the playground with my friends. I love to be outdoors.
5. I like mostly girl things...glitter and sparkly things, dress-up, American Girl dolls, barbies, jewlery, etc. My favorite colors are pink and purple. But I can hang with boys and their toys, too. I have mostly boy cousins and I love to play with them.
6. Addie's own words: "I like to sing and to play,watch movies, and my desk". Mostly, I just love to have fun and be where the fun is. Sometimes that gets me in trouble...but that's OK.
7. I love books. I like to go to the library or look at my own books. I am starting to be able to read some of them by myself. I sometimes read to my brother. I like all kinds of books, but some of my favorites are Junie B. Jones, anything about a polar bear or penguin, Shel Silverstein books, and Dr. Suess.
8. I love all holidays!!! My very favorites are Christmas and Halloween.

Matthew Jeffrey-3 years old

1. I like to play with all boy trucks, cars, trains, motorcycles, airplanes, boats, superheros, etc. I escape to another world when I'm playing and sometimes can't hear anyone talking to me.
2. I spell my name "MTTA" when I write it myself.
3. Me and my sister have a love-hate relationship. We love each other more than anything in this world and have SOOO much fun together, but we can make each other SOOO mad. I also have lots of friends and very special cousins that I love to play with.
4. My very favorite thing in this world is my puppy (blanket). I sleep with him every night. And when I even see him, I start to have a strong desire to suck my thumb. But that's the only time I suck my thumb.
5. I still don't like to wipe my bottom when I sit on the potty....I'm afraid some will get on my hands.
6. I am picky and very orderly. I like to have my things/toys in place/order, my hair brushed nicely, my teeth brushed, etc.
7. I love to sing...I do it all the time. My daddy says I should've been born in the '50s b/c I tend to like doo-wop music, such as Monster Mash, Witch Dr., etc.
8. I don't like to try new foods. I sometimes throw up when I try something I don't like. Not on purpose, I just gag very easily.

Also, Pa and MaJo found these things at some craft show and got one for each of the grandkids for Christmas. They were amazed and thought it was a God thing that they had one with each of the kids names on them since they are not really that common of names and because of the spellings...Addie, Matthew, Tanner, Tomas, Jackson, and Boone. And then the descriptions on each of them matched each kid really closely. I just thought it would be neat to share. These pretty much sum up my kids, too.

Thanks Amy and Sophie. And anyone else that wants to give it a shot...please do. Just leave a comment so we can check it out.


The Hadfields said...

I love the lists!!! They were perfect. Mom told me that Addie loves her desk!! And Matt's made me laugh about him being so orderly b/c if you spend any time with him at all, you notice that right away!! Those name plaques that your parents found are just right!! They are both so much fun!! Great list.

Jennifer said...

Our kids really are alot alike! They all have so much energy! We miss you guys too. As of right now, we are planning on coming back to Hixson, but we really like the classes at East Brainerd. It will be hard to leave b/c of them. We will just see what happens over the next couple of months?!? Hope you all are doing well!