Sunday, January 20, 2008

Our Weekend (without a camera)

We went to Cookeville this weekend. It was a pretty action packed weekend to only have been a day+half trip. We:

--visited my sister Holly in the hospital. She fell Friday morning and had to spend 24 hrs. in the hospital being observed. She is fine, and so is baby Boone, thankfully.,

--watched my nephew Jaxson play a basketball game. It was hilarious!,

--played at Jaxson and Heather's house.,

--visited my sister's (Haven's) new house. They are almost ready to move in and their home is beautiful!,

--went to a rodeo,

--went to church,

--celebrated Pa's (my daddy's) 60th birthday and my birthday.

We always have a great time visiting our sweet family in Cookeville. When I visit it really makes me want to move home. With all 3 sisters and their families, plus mom and dad being there, it is so tempting just to pack up and move. I know it would be different if I lived there, but still, it makes me really homesick. Enough of that whining. Hope each of you had a good weekend, too. We will be enjoying a day off from work tomorrow-Yea!

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The Hadfields said...

Oh Heidi, I know exactly how you feel. With mom and dad getting older, I feel like I should be closer. I was just talking about moving to chattanooga today. There are so many positives but also negatives. I guess we'll stay put for now, and I'll continue to be homesick from time to time. :(