Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Top 5 Restaurants

I've been tagged by Amy to pick 5 places I love to eat. I post them, and then pick 5 more people to tag so that they can post their top 5. You want to try to pick people in different cities and states. So, here's my list:

My Favorites-
#1-Ocha (Cookeville, TN)-A Thai restaurant. I ate there so much growing up that even when I go in there today (which is rare b/c I'm never there when they're open), the guy working still remembers me and what I want...Spicy Chicken and Rice. To put it in perspective, I have not lived in Cookeville for almost 14 yrs. now...and he still remembers!

#2-Nikki's (Chattanooga, TN)-A diner/pub. Awesome hamburgers and the best onion rings I've ever eaten.

#3-Cookeville Boat Dock (obviously, Cookeville, TN)-great catfish, hush puppies, I love the very simple salad and always fresh dressings, and the funest part is saving a little of your hush puppies to throw to the fish and/or ducks on your way out.

#4-Steve's Landing (Chattanooga, TN)-everything's favorite are the ribs.

#5-Spring Creek Pie Company (just outside Cookeville, TN)-great (country) lunch place with good ruebens, chicken salad, etc., and always fresh desserts.

I have very simple tastes...nothing fru-fru or fancy here.

OK, so I have only 1 person I know of that I can tag...Andrea. I know I have some other friends and family that check my blog that don't blog if you so desire, please feel free to comment some of your favorites.

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The Hadfields said...

We used to go to Nikki's in high school. I love that place too!! Can't wait to see you guys this weekend!! Love ya!