Monday, March 26, 2007

Mourning Puppy

For those of you who don't know, we have one pet in our family and it is Matt's very, very bestest friend...Puppy. Puppy is Matthew's security blanket, and he has had it as his buddy since not long after birth. For almost 3 years now, it has calmed him down, helped him sleep, kept him company, etc., etc. Well, we can't find Puppy. We think that a neighborhood dog might have drug it away from our driveway yesterday. And we are all in mourning! Matthew came in my room last night at 3 am and said with such a sad voice, "Mommy, I can't find Puppy." And he has been looking for him all day. So, keep us in your prayers (just kidding).

On a happy note, after searching in the depths of the internet for over an hour last night, I finally found another one just like it. It obviously won't be Puppy with his stinch and all, but hopefully a good substitute!


Carrie said... sad! I remember the day my dog died in 5th grade. I tried to be tough, but I was so sad.

On a lighter note, THANKS for saying hello!! I'm so glad to meet you & glad you enjoy the randomness.

Amy said...

Oh no!! Not puppy!! Gosh, I don't know what Sophie would do without her "banky". She carries it around with her all day just like Matthew did with puppy!! I hope he likes the replacement just as well. Let us know!!

Amy said...

Mom and dad called to tell me about Matt and his new puppy!! That is such a precious story. I'm so glad he has a new puppy to love!