Thursday, March 8, 2007

Go Giants!

Today was our first tee ball practice for Addie and Matt. They both had a blast! I am so glad we signed Matt up...he is a little young, but there are several others his age on the team.

Addie and Matt before practice (Addie got herself ready, and just had to wear her uniform from last year. I think she thought it would be the same team)

Matt ready to field the ball

Addie and her buddy Haley. They were on the same team together last year, too.

How about that swing!

And that throwing arm!

A couple of other out of the ordinary things we have done in the past couple of days-my sister, brother-in-law, and brother-in-law's brother came to spend the night with us last night. Just a spontaneous trip, and we truly enjoyed them being here. Also, today I treated myself to a Zoom (teeth bleaching) treatment. My teeth are a little sensitive tonight, but definitely are whiter! I think it lightened them 3 shades. So that was neat. Hope everyone has a great weekend. I definitely am going for my mom and dad hug this weekend!

Addie with 2 of her favorites-Holly (my baby sister) and Bailey (my cousin)

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Amy said...

LOVE the ball pictures!! Have fun in Cookeville.