Monday, February 19, 2007

Winterfest Weekend Blessings

I am so blessed. #1-to have 3 amazing sisters. There is nothing in this world that is more special to me (outside of my husband and children) than my 3 sisters. #2-to have an incredible husband. Even though it is hard financially sometimes, I am so thankful that he has chosen the field that he works in. Not necessarily his daily job, but with youth. He is a natural working with teenagers...and is definitely using his talents wisely. #3-to have been at Winterfest 2007. It was an absolutely perfect weekend. And to worship with 12,000+ fellow Christians on Sun. morning (or all weekend for that matter) was an amazing experience. #4-to have an amazing church family. It was so neat to be with a diverse group of people and to bond with each. I remember when I was growing up, the night following the last day of a church retreat, church camp, or any other 2+ day together with people from church, the feeling that I had was so neat. I missed each person and the group as a whole, I was refocused, I missed the "safe" feeling of the weekend, I was bonded, there was unity, and on and on. That is how I felt last night and today, too. #5-to have 2 children that love me so purely and unconditionally. I missed them so bad, and the feeling I had when I walked in the door and they almost knocked me down...tear...they are so precious! And I am thankful to know that they were in the best hands possible while I was gone.

For each minute that God put me in this past weekend, I am so thankful.

Pictures of Addie and Matt and their "classic" Gatlinburg gifts from mom and dad...Taffy (not pictured) and Airbrush.

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Amy said...

Glad you guys had a fun weekend. I missed seeing you in Chattanooga!