Sunday, February 25, 2007

Weekly Update

I have been doing bad about blogging these last few weeks. It looks like I am turning into a once a week updater. Our weeks are pretty busy these days with everything from church, school, parent council, after school activities, meetings, etc. that I have little time to read and update. But it is great therapy to do it at least once a week. On top of that, Jeff and I have been trying to find more ways to spend "us" time. That always seems to take the back burner to everything else, but I have truly come to the conclusion that it is the most important (for us and our kids). So last week, I decided that we would "fast" from our nightly ritual...him vegging out in front of the TV and me spending time on the computer. For one week, we cannot turn on the TV or the computer after the kids are in bed. It was so hard for us (actually, it was only hard for Jeff, it did not bother me at all), but it has been such a blessing. We have spent so much time together and it has been, well, different, but nice. I encourage each of you to try it! It's amazing how nice and quite the house is, how you find creative ways to spend the time, how much we have talked, how much better we have slept, and on and on.

A side bar comment, what has happened to the sanctity of Sundays? I remember growing up, we would go to church, come home to eat a big home-cooked meal together, nap for about an hour or so, then go on a Sunday drive. It was an all family day, and a restful one at that. We would ride around in the country together, and if we wanted to stop in and see one of my dad's ole buddies or one of my sister's friends, or just anyone we hadn't seen in awhile, we would stop and visit for awhile. No advance planning, just spontaneous "fellowship". Today, Jeff was off at softball practice with his team. Addie, Matt, and I were cleaning up the toys around the house, when out of nowhere, a knock on the door. I panicked...because I was in Russell sweatpants (yes, I still have a pair and I love them!) and an old T-shirt, Addie and Matt were naked (only panties and diaper), and our house was a complete mess. Sunday mornings are a rush, so we always leave it in a mess. It was Jeff's cousin, Casey, and his wife and daughter. They were on an afternoon walk and just stopped in to visit. They never come to our house, so it was a pleasant surprise. They stayed about an hour or so, we talked and the kids played, and it was just so nice! It reminded me of those old Sunday drives...and how much I loved in-home visits with people like that. Maybe it's the difference of living in a small town vs. a big town, or maybe it's we are just busier and Sunday's are a time to catch up...either on sleep, housework, errands, whatever, or maybe it's just we have become so far removed from "bothering" people...I don't know...but I miss it. Just a thought.

Until we are done "fasting", I hope everyone has a great week!


Amy said...

I'm so glad that Casey and Ashleigh came to see you. Casey is such a tender hearted person, I think we would enjoy hanging out together if we were in town. Hope you have a great week. Love you guys!

The People History said...

I see very few people ever propose turning the TV off for a week , When mine were younger every year in early January we would ban TV for 1 month , for a couple of reasons
1 so they played with toys from xmas
2 So they realised there were other ways to be amused other than TV

Jennifer said...

Good luck with your "fasting." Let me know how it goes!! I think that it is wonderful that you two are willing to do that for each! Have a great week!

Deana said...

This may be random- But is was nice to meet you at Sticky Fingers-it is actually nice to put a face with a blog page.
Good luck with the 'fasting' I desperatly need to do that with my husband!