Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Heart!

We started celebrating Valentine's day today at Tuesday School with Matt. They had grandparent's day, and it was alot of fun. We will continue tomorrow with a cookie decorating/Valentine's party with Addie's class. Then, Addie and I had planned on cooking supper for our men and having a candlelight dinner tomorrow night, but then we remembered it was church night. So, we might do it tomorrow or we might wait until Thursday night. Either way, I am sure our day will be filled with lots of candy, hugs, kisses, and fun. Hope yours is filled with the same.

Matthew and Ma-Jo.

Matt, Nana, and Papa (he was done with pictures here).

Matt and Ma Jo playing Monster Trucks

Papa, Nana, and baby Nora

Just a recent funny picture of Addie and Matt-they are a mess!

By the way, the title of this post is from a cologne that I tried at my mom's recently-it is by Clinique and smells absolutely wonderful! And I love the name of it.

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Amy said...

Mom told me that Matt was so happy everyone was there!! She said he was so cute! I love the pictures, especially the last one of Matt and Addie. That may become a favorite of yours (and theirs) over time!! I can't beleive how much Nora is changing. I am enjoying your blog so much!! Have a good day.