Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Third Time is a Charm...or is it?

Have you ever had one of those days where things didn't go just exactly as planned? We had one of those days today. It started early, and continued through this evening. Nothing major, just little kinks all day. The funniest was this evening. I had decided that we would stay home tonight (for several reasons), and Addie and I would cook for Jeff and Matt. So, I began to cook around 4 or so, and all I needed Jeff to do when he got home was grill our salmon (I am not good with the grill when it is lit!). So he got home, started the grill, and began to cook. It was 25 degrees outside, but he was a good sport. After about a minute on the grill, he came in and said the gas had run out. So, Plan B...use our indoor grill but on the back porch (for obvoius was salmon). Well, that didn't work either because of the temp. would still be cooking. So, Plan C...grill salmon indoors. I think anyone within a mile radius of our house can smell it! It is awful! But the meal ended up being nice...and the salmon was great!

I had some really funny pictures of the progression tonight...but it is taking forever to upload. Forget it (once again, another kink)!

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Amy said...

That was my kind of day yesterday too!! Glad it worked out and you were able to have a nice dinner anyways!! Have a fun weekend!