Saturday, January 20, 2007

Saturday Mornings

Saturday mornings always have been and continue to be one of my favorite past times. As a little girl, I loved getting up and laying on the couch and watching the morning away in cartoons. From Smurfs to the road-runner, it couldn't get much better than that! Now that I have 2 small children who love to do the same, it makes me so happy that they are experiencing some of the same bonding and special times that me and my sisters did on Sat. morning. They still get up and are ready to go at 7 am, but once we turn those cartoons on, they fall into the Sat. morning laziness trap. I love it!

Addie Mae is always bundled in a blanket.

Superman in pajamas on the couch. This reminds me so much of that Dixie Chicks song. I love it!


Amy said...

I love these pictures of the kids. I always loved Saturday mornings too!! We had fun at Opry Mills yesterday! Matthew is a doll!! Love ya!

AJnChattown said...

I am cracked up. I love it! The superman pjs rock!