Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Filled with the Spirit

I just have to write it...I am filled with the Spirit. Some may think I am weird or gone off the deep end, but I cannot get enough of my Lord. Several changes have occurred within me in the last month or so, and I just have to praise God tonight. I may not appear different on the outside, but my inside is screaming I LOVE YOU GOD, JESUS, and HOLY SPIRIT, and praise be to you for all that I am experiencing and how you are working. I feel the Holy Spirit leading me, guiding me, molding me, and reviving me everyday, and more clearly and vividly than I ever have before. There are too many examples to share how, but I just had to write it....

(Sorry if this blog freaks you out, or if you think it is fake (btw, it's not), I just need to praise God for what he is doing in my life, and what better way than to share it with others).

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Amy said...

God has been working in our lives too Heidi! I mean, I know he always is but lately...he's just really taking good care of us! Paul becoming a deaccon, me going to days. Our list could go on and on as well. Our God is good!! Aren't we lucky to know???
Thanks for sharing.