Monday, January 29, 2007

Be thankful for every minute...

...because you never know what the next one might bring. I got a call this afternoon that my brother-in-law Richie's father had taken his life. I am so torn emotionally tonight over this, and I cannot imagine how my sister Heather, not to mention Richie, his brother Matthew, or his mom are feeling. Richie's mom (who btw, is absolutely precious) was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and was in Nashville this morning for chemo. She talked to her husband about noon and said that everything was fine. When she arrived home, Richie had to meet her and tell her. I can't even imagine the feelings of any of makes me physically sick to think about. So, let's all be thankful for every minute. And please pray for my sister and her family as the try to make sense of this.

Other than that sad news, we had a pretty good, restful weekend. We started with dinner with the Stones (the ones in Chatt) at Piccadilly Fri. night. Friday nights are also our movie night...Addie chose Free Willy this week...what a good movie. Saturday morning we spent at church for a prayer time for our new building and our church in general. It is so precious to hear a 4 yr. old and 2 yr. old pray! Then we signed Addie and Matt up for Tee Ball (he's not really old enough but we knew he would want to be out there with Addie so we went ahead and signed him up...we'll see!). Saturday night we went downtown to the Choo-Choo. Matt loves trains, and we had a ball seeing the trains, riding the shuttle around downtown, and just spending time together. Of course, Sunday was church and Sunday evening, Addie and Jeff went to a church for the homeless to help prepare supper. Addie had a blast with the teenagers and singing for the homeless, and Jeff funny is that?? Hope you had a good weekend, too. Here are a couple of hilarious pics from the weekend....

Addie and I were going to get a biscuit Sat. morning. I told her to go get dressed...and this is what she came back with. A red nightgown/robe, a black vest jacket, red and white socks (that are from a Raggedy Ann Halloween costume 2 yrs. ago), and a pink TN hat and shoes. So this is how we went to get a biscuit.

I love this pic of Matt. He looks so funny with those clothes together, but he came walking in with Addie's pink shoes on the wrong feet and was so proud of himself. He cracks me up!

Daddy, Addie, and Matt in one of their favorite places!

P/S-Today is one of my other brother-in-law's (Charley's) birthday. Happy Birthday Charley!

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Amy said...

Oh Heidi! I'm so sorry to hear about Heather's father in law. How sad. I know Heather and Richie must be devastated! It certainly does make you thankful. I'll keep them in my prayers.