Sunday, September 9, 2007

Officially a Soccer Mom (Kinda)

Whew, what a weekend. We started the weekend at the BBS football game Friday night. Because Addie had attended cheer camp this summer, she was able to cheer during 1st quarter. She loved every minute of it, but I think she actually only did one cheer. I think she was overcome by all of the people and excitement.

Then Saturday morning, we had our first soccer game. Addie and Matt weren't too interested in actually playing once we got there, but mom and dad were glad to be on a soccer field. Jeff is coaching...he's the only coach (as in, has no assistant, and they have to spilt up the team into 2 teams of 3 players each and play on 2 different fields), so it should be interesting.

And then Addie and I went to one of Addie's best friend's (Sami's) b-day party at Libby Lu. They all got made-up and dressed up like Hannah was hilarious! Addie thought she was big stuff with that make-up on and her hair all done. And of course, Addie always has to be the different one...she didn't want to wear the Hannah Montana outfit, she wanted to wear the fairy outfit. So, she wore the fairy outfit!

We have had a busy and fun weekend. Matthew is sick this afternoon, in fact, I here him starting to moan through the monitor. Better go....


The Hadfields said...

What a fun weekend! I bet watching Addie cheer was hilarious! She is making memories that will last her lifetime!
That Hanna Montana wig is funny. What a great party idea for little girls.
I hope Matt is okay!

Jennifer said...

Wow!! What a busy weekend!! Sounds like you all had fun though!! Your kids are too cute!!

Deana said...

Wow- how do you do all that in one weekend??? I have a lot to look forward to!