Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Be Still

I have been very touched lately by stories of so many people on their death bed, losing a child to miscarriage or disease, etc. I don't know why these things are being so visibly placed in my path...maybe it's just life. And maybe it's a lesson that I need to value, treasure, and embrace every minute of life, especially with my children and family. I get so wrapped up in the day to day activities that I sometimes forget to "be still". I'm don't feel "busy" per se, but just the checklist of...pack lunches, go to school/work, cook supper, give baths, read the right books, etc. My prayer tonight is that I can be still, be grateful for each minute, and that I can exude God's love to those around me.

(p/s-sorry no pictures, I have been really bad about taking them lately.)

(p/s/s-today is my sweet baby sister Holly's b-day. Happy Birthday to you Holly, I love you so much!!)


The Hadfields said...

Tell Holly Happy Birthday for me!!

Holly Bouton said...

Thank you Heidi! Thank you Amy!