Saturday, April 14, 2007


Why am I so obsessed with things being just right in my life? Why can't I just enjoy things, let loose, and have fun? I am constantly thinking about things that pretty much in the scheme of life are not of real importance. Like, my house is not clean, my kids are misbehaving, I didn't spend enough time doing this or that, should I/my kids be involved in more activites, etc., etc. And then there are some things I think about that are of importance, but I probably over analyze and think about too much: should I start Addie in kindergarten, am I using the right discipline techniques, am I providing my kids with opportunities for their talents and energies to florish, am I modeling Jesus to my family and others, am I a good wife and mother. I just can't stop "thinking". I wish I could just let things happen naturally, enjoy them, and trust God (knowing whether I "think" about them or not, he is in control..not me). Does anyone else do this, or do I really need some medication to help me chill out!?!


Amy said...

Oh Heidi!! Your post makes me feel so much better about myself!! I literally physically exhaust myself some days over those things!! And I know it will only get worse the older Sophie gets and as we have more kids. I try to tell myself that it's a natural part of being a woman!! Like me, you are a wife, mother, and financial contributor to your family and that is too much sometimes!!! I think you do a darn good job. And you sure seem relaxed on the outside!!! Anyways, it was great to see you.

AJnChattown said...

Okay, so you know that my mind runs constantly on similar things, just not the kid part. However, I know it will when the time comes. You'll have to chill out soon or hit the wall! Ha! Its seems like the harder I try to hard core control things the bigger the mess. Too many deep thougts for a blog reply. We'll definitely talk soon.

Deana said...

I know that this is alittle late responding to your post, but I feel the exact same way! My husband has to tell me to just be quiet. Sometimes I tell myself to let it all out and stop bugging people with my thoughts and issues or my feelings on things that I am going to write a book. And maybe I will one day. You don't need any meds for these feelings!
Maybe we will bump into you and husband again in Chattanooga soon we are heading that way this weekend if the furniture arrives for our new little one.
I enjoy reading your comments