Sunday, August 5, 2007

Recent Pictures

Last weekend, we had a family reunion of my family and my dad's sister's (Aunt Wink's) family. We swam, ate, the guys played golf, and some played poker to end the evening. It was truly a blessing to be together.

The poker was real intense.

My baby sister Holly and cousin Kelly

Addie jumping off the diving board. She is a pretty impressive swimmer. She just turned five and can do a dive, a front flip...just about anything you ask her to do off the diving board.

Matthew and his buddy Tomas (don't ask why so many floaties-I'm not sure).

My sisters

Tanner and Jaxson

Aunt Wink and Mom

Jeff relaxed in the pool..think he needs another noodle?

Me and some of the kids

Then, this past week, my nephew Charlie had his 1/2 birthday party. His birthday is really Jan. 3rd, but b/c it is so close after Christmas, they have his party around his 1/2 b-day. It was a pirate party, and the kids went on a treasure hunt...they had a blast!

Addie and her best attempt as a pirate...face and all

Matthew and Charlie

This was just a recent picture of Matt dressed up as Batman. He is in the stage where he is loving to dress up-especially like the superheros.

And this is just a picture of Addie and Matt hugging. I love it when they love on each other!

And the only reason I am posting this one is because Matt picked up the camera and said, "mommy and daddy, say cheese-hamburger", and this is what we got. I thought he did a pretty good job!

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The Hadfields said...

I love all the pics, your family looks great!! And I think Matt took a good picture too! Good luck with the start of school this week!